Earth Day Healthy Recovery Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Earth Day Healthy Recovery

Description of Issue

CANE joined CAPE and many other health professionals to send a collective letter to Prime Minister Trudeau to encourage strong Climate Action as part of Canada’s Recovery Plan.

“Prime Minister Trudeau, as health professionals in Canada, we are asking you to acknowledge that lives lost to climate change and air pollution are every bit as valuable as those lost to COVID-19 by making life saving commitments as Earth Day and the Leaders’ Summit on Climate approaches.

Last spring, organizations representing two-thirds of global health professionals worldwide signed an open letter to G20 leaders asking you to tackle the health crises of COVID-19 and climate change simultaneously in your economic recovery spending.
This was the largest known mobilization of global healthcare professionals in history.

Climate change is worsening asthma and evacuations from wildfires, increasing deaths from heat waves, making allergy seasons longer and more severe, posing challenges to food security, hastening the spread of Lyme Disease, and raising the potential for new pandemics. Related disruptions to infrastructure, supply chains, and staffing pose risks to the stability of healthcare systems themselves”.

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