Alberta Co-Representative

Laura Reifferscheid

RN, PhD St.
Laura Reifferscheid


Laura grew up in Saskatchewan, and moved to Edmonton, Alberta with her family in 2006. She acknowledges the environmental leadership of the original stewards of this land and is committed to supporting their efforts to safeguard our planet.


Laura is currently pursuing a PhD through the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta.


Laura has worked as an RN for 6 years, working mainly with underserved populations in community health settings, including infectious disease management, harm reduction, mental health, etc.


Laura is passionate about encouraging nurses to play a more active role in public health research and policy. She believes that nurses need to be thinking about how planetary health impacts their professional practice, and the role we want to play as a profession in making meaningful change. She is excited to be a exposed to the knowledge and expertise present in CANE, as a co-chair for the Alberta Representative.