Jessica Madrid

Jessica Madrid


Jessica (Jessiquita) is of mixed Peruvian and Eastern European descent and resides with her spouse and son on the beautiful remote archipelago of Haida Gwaii (unceded Haida territory) off the West Coast of BC.


Jessica earned her BScN (2003) and her MSc Community Health (2014) from the University of Northern British Columbia. The focus of her graduate research was the link between environmental activism and health promotion.


Jessica has worked in a variety of areas of nursing practice from public/community health to emergency room nursing. Given her passion for the natural environment and nursing practice, she has also been a guest lecturer on the subject of environmental/planetary health since 2004. Wherever she works, she strives to promote ecological awareness and approaches to care.


Jessica is passionate about the environmental/social justice movement, advocating for clean, sustainable, and equitable resources from the local to global level. She also enjoys exploring the outdoors, as well as growing plants and fungi, and is an avid lover and practitioner of the creative and healing arts.