Increasing Awareness of Radon Gas: Meeting the Needs of New Parents – Mar 15

Increasing Awareness of Radon Gas

Increasing Awareness of Radon Gas: Meeting the Needs of New Parents Through a Nursing Knowledge Translation Project

The Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment is pleased to invite you to a webinar about a new educational assessment tool that was created utilizing the information gathered from the literature review of successful perinatal education interventions. Research shows that successful perinatal education tools consist of interprofessional collaboration and are adaptable to different levels of education, language and abilities, and SDOH. Successful education tools utilize inclusive language, highlight the importance of family centered care, can be conducted using technology and highlight the importance of continued education and follow up care. For optimal learning outcomes, there must be evaluation methods and proper training for providers to feel confident in the method and reason for education.

We adapted existing Health Canada radon materials to educate new parents about significant health risks of radon gas and encourage them to test their homes via a user-friendly screening tool

This webinar aims to increase awareness amongst nursing and other healthcare professionals about the health risks of radon gas, and introduce them to newly adapted radon materials.