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Planetary health activities and events shared by our BC Board representative. If you live in BC, please consider joining us!


The Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment BC Committee (CANE BC) is a group of actively practicing as well as student and retired nurses. Our work began many years ago throughout our province. We are now joining forces as one provincial committee to have a greater impact given the urgency of the Climate Crisis and the compelling need to protect our planetary health.

As the most trusted position in the healthcare profession, we use our voices to raise public awareness, implement concrete actions, and undertake advocacy efforts on environmental health issues that threaten the health and well-being of individuals in our province.

In our trusted position within the healthcare profession and the public, CANE BC nurses are actively engaging in our communities. We seek to raise Awareness, implement concrete Action and undertake Advocacy efforts on issues of sustainability that threaten the health and well-being of the citizens of our province and our planet as a whole.​

Despite our name, this organization is not limited to working with nurses, nursing students, and retired nurses. We are stronger by joining forces in conjunction with other healthcare professionals such as our physician colleagues and existing environmental groups that are equally concerned with the well-being of our planet. We believe that the synergy of these groups coming together for a common purpose is the catalyst required to bring much needed attention to our current climate change challenges.​

"No amount of medical knowledge will lessen the accountability for nurses to do what nurses do, that is, manage the environment to promote positive life processes."

British Columbia Representative

Twitter: @HBoydrn

Helen Boyd, RN, BScN, MA Counselling

Email Helen at:

CANE-BC meets every month on the last Thursday of the month from 7 to 9 pm – contact Helen for details and PLEASE JOIN  US!!

As nurses, we respectfully acknowledge that we live, work and play on the ancestral, unceded territories of numerous First Nations people. We are grateful to their ancestors who lived in the spirit of care for future generations.

We support anti-racism and decolonization efforts and strive to embody these principles in all that we do.

How We Work

By increasing knowledge of environmental issues and their impact on human health.


By facilitating behavioural change in people and participating in concrete initiatives that contribute to tackling the climate emergency.


By contributing to the formulation of public policy involving the environment to protect the health of our planet and people.


LNG Health Hazard

BC’s LNG industry is fuelling catastrophic wildfires, extreme heat, and flooding that threaten our health. Join us in demanding a healthier future for our patients and communities.

Why is LNG a Health Hazard?

Fossil gas infrastructure and fracking have expanded rapidly across BC despite the increasing body of scientific evidence indicating that these activities pose significant risks to public health. As healthcare professionals committed to safeguarding public health, we are issuing a health advisory on LNG and fracking in BC due to the following risks:

  • Fuelling Climate Change
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Depletion and Contamination
  • Adverse Community Health Impacts

Please Join Us!

We developed this campaign to raise awareness of the climate and health risks of LNG in BC, and the availability of healthier, non-polluting, and sustainable alternatives. Join the Campaign Now!


HCSF Poster
Healthy Climate Solutions Fair Poster 2022
CANE table
Healthy Climate Solutions Fair: Lt to Rt: Helen Boyd CANE BC, Dr. Melissa Lem CAPE BC, Aggie Black CANE BC

GLOBAL NEWS INTERVIEW: The B.C. chapter of the Canadian Association of Physicians is launching an event dedicated to healthy climate solutions today. Dr. Deborah Curry talks to Jennifer Palma about the motivation to inspire change and how youth are playing an important role.

Dear colleagues,

In British Columbia, municipal elections will take place on October 15th. This is an opportunity to cast YOUR vote for planetary health given that over 50% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are under the jurisdiction of municipalities. The link between human health and the health of the environment is well understood. Climate change is recognized as the biggest health threat to humanity and mitigating climate change requires a multidisciplinary approach. Cities and towns play an integral role in this mitigation, as do their elected officials.

Public opinion polls consistently acknowledge nurses and other health care professionals as a trusted voice; therefore, we have an important role in discussions about climate change, particularly at community and municipal levels.

To support the dissemination of climate information as it relates to your community and municipal government, we have created a Municipal Election Tool Kit (link) for you to use if you wish. In this tool kit, you will find:

Briefing note (link): This is a synopsis and can be used to generate discussion with friends, with a candidate, or in a town hall/community setting.

Candidate questions (link): This document includes a few specific questions to help clarify a potential candidate’s stance on current climate-related issues.

Op-ed template (link): Consider editing this template to suit your community and submit to your local paper ahead of the municipal elections. Attached are tips for having your submission published.

Social media suggestions (link): If you are on social media, these are a few suggestions to help you amplify your message. Included in this tool kit are also several graphics you can post alongside your social media messaging.

Please share this information with your colleagues and let us know if you find it helpful!

Encourage your nursing colleagues to vote for the health of people and our planet on October 15th.





In the News

BC Doctors and Nurses Raise the Alarm—and Billboards—About Natural Gas

Nurses and Doctors Take Aim
at BC’s LNG Ambitions

CANE BC Rep joins CAPE in their Campaign that cites health and climate risks, and challenges claims LNG is a greener ‘transition fuel.’ 

 Michelle Gamage, The Tyee, Aug 18 2021   

Photo by Dr Melissa Lem

August 31, ’21 Health problems with LNG podcast feature

Registered Nurse Helen Boyd from Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment talks about the campaign to highlight the health dangers of LNG fracking in BC.
The EcoCentric Environmental Radio

Doctors, nurses post billboards near B.C. ferry terminal

Doctors, nurses post billboards near B.C. ferry terminal

A group of B.C. doctors and nurses, who are concerned about the impacts of natural gas and fracking, have purchased billboard space to spread their message.

Tessa Vikander, CTV News Aug. 15, 2021


Unnatural Gas

Unnatural Gas, a public awareness campaign by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
and Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment about the climate and health damage from natural gas