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Association canadienne des infirmières et infirmiers pour l'environnement

CANE-ACIIE represents Nurses dedicated to the improvement of planetary health across all domains of nursing practice, policy, research and education.

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Are you eager to add your voice to the growing number of Canadian nurses working to protect planetary health? If you are dedicated to working with your peers in building a brighter, healthier future, please join today!
Prenatal Environmental Health Education (PEHE) Collaboration

Please Participate by Sept 30!

Do you provide prenatal care?

CANE-ACIIE joins a Canada-wide research effort on current prenatal care practices to address environmental health risks during pregnancy.

The Prenatal Environmental Health Education (PEHE) Collaboration is inviting prenatal care providers to participate in a short online survey on their perceptions and practices related to toxic substances and other environmental hazards during pregnancy.

Share your views in Canada-wide research on prenatal care practices to reduce harmful environmental exposures during pregnancy

Complete the survey by September 30th  and enter to win an iPad!

Learn more:

Collaboration pour l’éducation en santé environnementale prénatale (Collaboration ÉSEP)

Merci de participer avant le 30 Sept

Faites-vous entendre dans le cadre d’une étude pancanadienne sur les pratiques de soins prénataux visant à réduire l’exposition aux substances nocives présentes dans l’environnement durant la grossesse

Collaboration pour l’éducation en santé environnementale prénatale (Collaboration ÉSEP) invite les fournisseuses et fournisseurs de soins prénataux à répondre à un bref questionnaire en ligne. Celui-ci porte sur la manière dont ils perçoivent l’exposition aux substances toxiques et aux autres dangers présents dans l’environnement durant la grossesse, de même que sur la manière dont ces perceptions influencent leurs pratiques.

Remplissez le questionnaire d’ici le 30 Septembre

et courez la chance de gagner un iPad!

Pour en savoir plus :

National Nursing Week 2022: #WeAnswerTheCall for Environmental Sustainability

La Semaine nationale des soins infirmiers 2022, #Nousrépondonsàlappel à la durabilité

Pour la Semaine nationale des soins infirmiers 2022, #Nousrépondonsàlappel. CASCADES et ACIIE cherchent pour partagent les histoires des infirmier.e.s qui s’engagent dans la durabilité et la justice environnementale dans leurs rôles, que ceux sont dans un hôpital, la communauté, l’administration, l’éducation, la recherche ou pour le gouvernement.

Comment est-ce que vous répondriez à l’appel à la durabilité?

Rejoignez la discussion dans le forum CASCADES et inscrivez-vous pour notre événement de réseautage le 1e juin, La durabilité environnementale dans les soins infirmiers : Développer des liens et inspirer l’action.

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Please join CANE-ACIIE in taking the pledge for Planetary Health today on Earth Day!

This video was compiled by Board members of CANE – the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment in honour of Earth Day and features A pledge for planetary health to unite health professionals in the Anthropocene .

This pledge is from the following source: Wabnitz, K. J., Gabrysch, S., Guinto, R., Haines, A., Herrmann, M., Howard, C., Potter, T., Prescott, S. L., & Redvers, N. (2020). A pledge for planetary health to unite health professionals in the Anthropocene. Lancet (London, England), 396(10261), 1471–1473.



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Fossil Fuel Ads Make Us Sick

Our "Fossil Fuel Ads Make Us Sick" campaign launches today, with an open letter to the federal government signed by over 700,000 health professionals who all agree: it’s time to ban fossil fuel advertising.

As a voice for nurses, we have a responsibility to speak up when we think people’s health is in danger. Air pollution from fossil fuels causes between 15,000 and 34,000 premature deaths in Canada each year.

“Fossil fuels affect those who are least able to protect themselves or have a choice in protecting themselves, including those living in poverty and racialized populations who are most likely to live in areas of increased air pollution related to fossil fuels,”
- Jacqueline Avanthay Strus, CANE President

Download CANE Social Media Amplification Toolkit and share on your social media accounts to spread the word!

Take Action by signing your name to the Open Letter

Take Action
EcoCentric Interview with Helen Boyd for Fossil Fuel Ad-free Campaign

Nurses Climate Challenge

CANE supports the Nurses Climate Challenge, a collaboration between Health Care Without Harm and the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments. It is the first national campaign aiming to leverage the unique and trusted voice of nurses to motivate the health care sector to action.

Nurses Drawdown

Through commitment to the evidence-based Nurses Drawdown actions, nurses will improve the health of individuals and communities, while also taking steps to heal the planet. Nurses from around the world are invited to join the Nurses Drawdown movement by taking personal and professional action in five key areas: Energy, Food, Gender equity, Mobility, and Nature-based solutions.

Nurses Drawdown Campaign

Unnatural Gas

Unnatural Gas, a public awareness campaign by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
and Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment about the climate and health damage from natural gas

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