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Exploring Eco-Anxiety in Youth: A Nursing Perspective
Eco-anxiety, ecological grief and solastalgia in youth.

About this CANE-ACIIE event

Date and time: This event was held on Tuesday May 17, 2022


We are increasingly aware of mental health issues related to climate change, particularly in young people. This webinar focused on on 3 environmental distress concepts, eco-anxiety, ecological grief and solastalgia in youth and young people, and discussed the role of nurses in identifying and addressing the issue.

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Hailie Brophy RN, MNHailie Brophy RN, MN

Bio: Hailie Brophy is a registered nurse that has worked primarily in mental health and addictions, and recently completed a Master of Nursing degree at the University of Alberta with a community focus. She has a personal and professional interest in climate justice principles with built in health equity, and hopes to be involved in research, policy, and advocacy work in this area in the future.

Description of Presentation:

This session will present the results of an integrated literature review on eco-anxiety in youth and young people, and discuss the role of nurses in identifying and addressing the issue.




Émilie Tremblay, Inf./RN, PhD (c)

Émilie Tremblay, Inf./RN, PhD (c) Bio: Émilie Tremblay has been a nurse for four years and is pursuing graduate studies in nursing at the University of Ottawa. As a PhD candidate, her research interests focus on the involvement of the health care system in climate change, environmental degradation, and its impact on the health of the Canadian population.

Emilie’s presentation will consist of an overview of three environmental distress concepts: 1) eco-anxiety, 2) ecological grief and 3) solastalgia. The focus will be on distinguishing the differences between these concepts, as well as their various similarities.



Nika Moeni, BA, MA

Nika MoeniPolicy Analyst, Coal Mining Effluent Regulations, ECCC | Organizer, Youth Climate Save Canada

Bio: Founder of Canadian Chapter of Youth Climate Save, an organization recognizing the link between animal agriculture and climate change and engaging youth in activism for climate change. In this role she has hosted 20+ town halls with MPs and have hosted a vegan valentines market with over 500 attendees in Toronto in early 2020. Niki is the Youth Ambassador for Canada with the Plant Based Treaty, a global campaign to transition to sustainable food systems.