Quebec Co-Representative

Fiona Hanley

Fiona Hanley


Fiona is originally from England, but has spent most of her life in Canada, in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Fiona has lived and worked for many years in Tiohtia:ke/Montreal, Indigenous territory, which has never been ceded. She would like to acknowledge that the Kanien’keha:ka Nation is the custodian of the lands and waters where she lives and works; that Tiohtia:ke/Montreal is a gathering place for many First Nations, and is home to First Nations, Inuit and Métis. She thanks the diverse Indigenous peoples whose presence marks this territory where many peoples of the world now gather.


Fiona first trained as a nurse in the UK, then completed her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Canada, looking at adolescent childbirth. She also studied music at Trinity College London and played in the John Radcliffe hospital orchestra during her nursing studies.


Fiona has worked in multiple settings, from a small hospital in Alberta, to stints in ICU, nursing stations in Ontario, and community clinics in Quebec. Her main interest was in community health, maternal – child care and childbirth. Fiona has taught at Dawson College Montreal since 2001 and is also a course lecturer at the Ingram School of Nursing, McGill university.


Fiona has had a long involvement with social justice movements, including promotion of midwifery care in Canada. This evolved into deep concern about environmental health and climate, and now the emerging planetary health movement. She has long advocated for nursing leadership in addressing the environmental and climate crises, and in bridging the gap between research and action.