Nurses Drawdown - Gender Equity

Nurses Drawdown Campaign

The Gender equity Initiative at Nurses Drawdown encourages nurses to promote access to voluntary family planning services, for both men and women, and increased access to education for women which in turn helps manage overpopulation and resource depletion. Women and girls that have access to voluntary family planning services have lower rates of maternal and infant deaths, lower rates of unintended pregnancies, reduction in mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and poverty reduction. Providing education and voluntary family planning services is not a method of population control as resources are dwindling, but a vehicle for female empowerment, success and autonomy–the environmental impact of reducing population growth in the wake of the climate crisis is a positive and critical side effect.

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Explore CANE’s work in these five key areas in support of this campaign:

Nurses Drawdown - Energy

Supporting a clean energy future by promoting energy efficiency and advocating for a transition to renewable energy.


Committing to eat a more plant-based sustainable diet, use clean - burning cook stoves, and reduce food waste.

Nurses Drawdown - Gender Equity

Supporting education for girls and access to family planning to support female empowerment, success and autonomy.

Nurses Drawdown - Mobility

Promoting walkable cities, including improving bike infrastructure and mass transit reduces fossil fuel emissions.

Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment

Planting and protecting forests which also supports pollinators, provides habitat, filters water, and sequesters carbon.